Monday, December 10, 2012

Review on the Cosmo VoxBox 2012 from Influenster

I was so psyched when Influenster sent me the email saying that I had been chosen for a Cosmo Voxbox a couple of weeks ago. Being chosen for something like this is really rare, so I had to read the email twice to realize it wasn't a joke! It seemed to take forever for the package to get to me, though.

I waited...and waited.. and waited some more. I got the email almost a week and a half before the package actually came in. Now, do I blame Influenster? Nah, it probably got eaten in the mail out here, so it's all fine. And now onto the good stuff!

This is the box. I nearly squealed when I saw the razor. I absolutely love Gillette's razors, and I always lose my dumb handle. It gets expensive after a while, so I often resort to the more disposable ones. At first glance, I almost turned up my nose at the chocolate. Sea salt? Really? Blegh.

The most exciting thing about it was the perfume. I love new perfumes, fer srs. And the pens, oh the pens. I hate erasable pens with a passion and would have never bought them on my own. This box changed my mind on so many things.

I have nothing but good things to say about the razor. Gillette is my absolute go-to razor for my legs. The blades are sharp (I've cut myself on them plenty of times) and they last forever as long as you store and dry  them properly. I did not know, however, that all the cartridges fit on the same handle. This actually makes my life a LOT easier. I hate having to buy a new handle just to try a new kind of razor head. Fantastic as always, Gillette!

The sea salt chocolate and the pens. The chocolate is from Ghirardelli, and I must say that I am a huge fan of their chocolate to begin with. I was really wary at trying this out, but surprisingly it is amazing! It's a very creamy milk chocolate, and the almonds are not big enough to be a bother in the teeth. The saltiness is very muted. There are some times where I could almost taste it, but then it was gone. All in all, a delicious and different approach to chocolate. I will definitely be making a purchase in the future.

The pens. Oh, erasable pens. We've all been there. Those cheap pens you get and think 'hey, these things are awesome! It's like a pen and a pencil in one'. Then you are terribly mistaken because not only do they NOT write, but the scribbles you do happen to write do not erase. It's an enraging cycle. These are the FriXion pens by Pilot, and man, do they up the bar on erasable pens. I love them. They write smoothly, and they erase cleanly. I put the black one to the test by doodling on my notes in class, and not only did it make beautiful doodles, but it also erased it so well, I couldn't even tell what I had drawn before. Fantastic pens. They'll probably be my go-to pen from now on.

I was probably most excited about the Bath and Body Works Forever Red perfume. I've heard very good things about it from my mom, who absolutely loves anything BBW. It's a lovely floral scent, and a little goes a very long way. That .25oz bottle will last me for a while...or maybe not. I've been using it every day.

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC Voxbox, and I really hope to get another one in the future. The products were great, and I even changed my mind on two of them. Everything here gets an A+!

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